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Bournemouth Based MTB Rides

Hi All,

Just wondering if anyone else is from in or near Bournemouth?
Do you have any decent routes? Or advise on places to ride.

Im aware of most of the common ones,
Moors Valley
Wareham Forest
The Purbecks

I also have an ok'ish route thats about 15 miles linking up bits of singeltrack around wallisdown, westbourne and meyrick park.

I know for really good stuff i have to travel but im looking for quick blasts of around 2 hours that can be done on in an evening.

Additionally if anyone is local and fancies a riding buddy let me know - i try and get out at least once a week - usually a Tuesday, and the occasional weekend ride where time allows (Young child - you know)

Anyway send me a message if interested or have any info on good hidden routes.



  • Hi
    Google New Forest cycle routes and there are some nice ones to choose from that aren't too far. I regularly do the one that starts in Appleslade car park and goes via Fritham and Frogham which is a mix of gravel tracks and quiet roads, total 18 miles, Another one starts in Burley and goes via Lyndhurst and Brockenhurst before heading back along the disused railway line. Similar mix of gravel and road with Lyndhurst being the worst bit. Total distance 22 miles. I use a HT MTB but they would be fine for gravel bikes too. Not sure about the evenings though, it's a bit dark!
  • Thanks for the above - i will check it out - apologies for radio silence i've been on holiday for a little while.

    I have decent lights so not bothered about it being dark - adds a good twist on some otherwise familiar routes.
    I currently only ride a hardtail but am looking at full sussers to treat myself for xmas.

    If you ever fancy a ride then ping me a message - keen to get out a bit more than i currently do.
  • Try

    MTB club based at Broadstone, various rides weekdays and weekend to suit all abilities.
  • Hi Reaction, yeah I'm aware of the rough riders.
    Unfortunately the timing of their rides doesnt work for me as it's a bit of a mission to get home, bike loaded and all the way to Poole in time for when they start.
    Good bunch though.
  • MuiseMuise Posts: 12
    I've been looking for a Ringwood (Hampshire, BH24) based MTB group, but couldn't find one - I know Dorset Rough Riders are near by, but too far for me... So I decided to start a Facebook group and hope that we'll get enough members to have a couple of organised rides a week. If you live in or near Ringwood and would be interested please join the group here:
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