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Largest width tyres on Genesis Croix de Fer 2014???

H all. My 2014 Genesis Croix de Fer came stock with 35mm width conti cyclocross tyres but I really fancy an upgrade to the 42mm WTB Resolutes (or similar) as I am planning on taking the bike through it's paces on some proper off-road!! Really not sure if they're gonna fit though - smallest point seems to be the bottom of the steerer tube on the front fork...

Anyone have a CdF out there running 40mm plus tyres?? Any help much, much appreciated.

WTB Resolute tyres

2014 Genesis Croix de Fer


  • robertpbrobertpb Posts: 1,866
    Just get a tape measure out and measure the clearance of the tyres you have.

    Resolutes measure 42 - 44 depending what rims they are on, also they will grow a bit with use.
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  • DeVlaeminckDeVlaeminck Posts: 6,004
    Is it disc? I've got some pretty big tyres on mine - must be circa 2014 - if you remind me tomoz I can have a look how wide
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  • cheremenincheremenin Posts: 2
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    Mine's a 2018. I've ran 44mm Schwalbe Smart Sam with no problems whatsoever and didn't even really get close to any clearance issues. They've got some aggressive MTB style tread pattern which for me turns the bike towards the hip "monstercross" category. Those tires are great for tons of offroading fun.

    It's actually got surprisingly big clearance in those S-bend chainstays, albeit sometimes I wish I had a steel frame that'd go up to 29x2.0-2.2 or maybe more, that'd be even better. But I guess I gotta make do and mend and make the most of what I have. Don't have the money for any Open frames really.

    The older models like your 2014 apparently have a different kind of chainstay model, so they seemingly may take less of a 700c tire BUT! More of a 650b tire (since the stay just gets narrower throughout the whole thing and doesn't make an S figure for maximized 700c clearance). Again it's just what I gathered from researching the Genesis Croix De Fer line.

    I'm currently planning on getting a 650b wheelset for my CdF, seems like it can take 47-50mm which is about 1.8-2.0. I've actually tried aggressive MTB tires slightly above 2.0 (as in, 2.125) but they rub on those stays (that bend inwards for 700c) unfortunately. But I'm fine with running anything 40-50 mm wide.

    I've actually put a caliper to my 2018 frame, so it's apparently it's about 57mm wide in the chainstays where the 700c tire goes, and the narrowest part of them measures at 52-53mm. The spot where technically a thick 650b tire will be sitting is 54mm. So for 2.0 the clearance would get pretty tight, but okay for those new WTB 47mm gravel tires.
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