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Removing Mavic UST Tyres from UST wheels

Got a new set of Ksyrium Pro Carbon UST SL wheels with Mavic tyres already mounted, but I want some wider Panaracers on them instead. Spent 2 hours trying to get the tyres off with no success and very sore thumbs. I did manage to get one bead off into the central track after 30 mins or so, but the other bead refuses to move.

Anyone else experience this? How the hell are you supposed to remove the tyres and what would happen if you need to add an inner tube on the road?


  • I’ve changed quite a few tyres on Mavic UST wheels. Can you not get the tyre lever under the tyre? They are stiff but with a bit of strength and a good tyre lever, I use the Pedro ones, I have no issues getting them off and on.
  • rwooferrwoofer Posts: 209
    No chance of getting a tyre lever in the gap. I eventually took them to a shop and the mechanic showed me the trick to do it. You effectively have to roll the tyre sideways and with enough force (still lots!) it will separate. I reckon with wet hands on the roadside in winter, you still won't succeed. Now I got them off and put some Panaracers on, they seem to be far easier than the Mavic tyres.
  • oxomanoxoman Posts: 11,439
    I use these levers for my tubeless carbon rims. Different to normal levers but seem to be able to do normal clincher rims and tubeless.
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  • Erm the op needs mechanics thumbs.
  • rwooferrwoofer Posts: 209
    Those levers look interesting. Clearly there is a problem otherwise people wouldn't invent them.

    So how many tyres do you need to change a week to get mechanics thumbs?
  • It more how you use your thumbs than how strong they are. I have had more trouble fitting tyres since finished pbp though. My left hand has lost its strength. Nerve damage I think. It's coming back slowly.

    Tubeless tyre can be and should be tight. Conventional levers have trouble getting under and staying under the bead of tight tyres. It's not a problem. It's how the tyre meant to be so a different tool is needed. That's all.
  • thecycleclinicthecycleclinic Posts: 394
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    If you struggle getting a tyre to unseat. Go medieval on it. Get a pair of mole grips clamp the tyre and pull. It will come off
    Had do do that on a set of hunts once. Even mechanics thumbs did not work there.
  • oxomanoxoman Posts: 11,439
    Mate had an issue with his MTB which should have been tubeless but ran with tubes. He pinch flatted and couldn't get it off the rim to insert new tube, walk of shame back to repair guy at degla who did it in about 10 seconds. We still give him stick now over this. PS runs tubeless now. Yes it was mavic,s.
    Too many bikes according to Mrs O.
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