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What Bottom bracket is it ?

Good evening.
Looking for some advise regarding a bottom bracket. I would like to know what type of BB is in a cube agree gct SL.
I've searched Cube faq.but to no avail,
I have no frame number and have no idea what year of manufacture it is.
The bike has been left to me amongst other items from a family friend that has recently passed away.
Unfortunately I have no real experience with push bikes but would like to repair this bike and pass it on to a member of the berieved family.  
Any sensible advise would be welcomed.

Many thanks in advance


  • imposter2.0imposter2.0 Posts: 11,078
    Quite possibly a Shimano HT2, but you would need to either confirm the year of the bike, or post a picture to be certain..
  • asprillaasprilla Posts: 8,440
    According to Bike Radar it's a Press-Fit SMBB71- 41 which is the standard Hollowtech II press fit. Currently £15 at Wiggle, but of course there will be alternatives.

    That review is for the 2015 model so I'm assuming it's the same bike ir they have kept the same spec.
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