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Ribble CGR tiagra build (Tektro Brakes)

kingrollokingrollo Posts: 3,162
edited November 2019 in Road buying advice
Ribble Are doing the CGR Tiagra for £999 - with cycle to work this comes in at a nice price for a winter bike.
My only concern is that is comes with Tektro mechinical disc brakes

The only way around this is to upgrade to the next level either

Sram apex build £1199
105 Build @ £1399

I haven't used sram - and my other bikes are all shimano - so not keen on that

105 seems OTT for a winter bike and the price rise extra £400 is quite steep

My questions are:-
  1. Has anyone used the supplied brakes with the Tiagra build

  2. What would be the upgrade route & costs if I wanted to upgrade to just tiagra hydros (ribble don't offer this )


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