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Market Research into Arm Pump in Enduro and Dowhill MTB - 4th Year Design Engineering Project

dhwilliamdhdhwilliamdh Posts: 1
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Hi all

I'm Currently at the start of a year-long design project focusing on the problem area of 'arm pump' in Enduro and Downhill MTB disciplines; the aim of which is to develop and prototype an effective design solution which looks to combat its' crippling effects. Surprisingly, this is a subject which has seen very little academic attention within a two wheeled context other than numerous studies which focus on surgical treatment solutions in motocross riders(a luxury most cannot afford). For the market research phase of my design process I must therefore seek to gather as much of my own data from the mountain biking community as possible, this will help me to establish the prevalence of the problem and the demand for a solution; as well as gathering invaluable feedback from my potential market group.

It would therefore be a great help if you, the community, could spare a few minutes to complete my market research survey. This survey is aimed at riders of all abilities who take part in Enduro or Downhill MTB. The broader the range of riders reached, the better; whether you race or just ride for the fun of it, get involved!!!

If you have any additional comments or thoughts regarding arm pump, the survey or my project in general, feel free to discuss.




  • steve_sordysteve_sordy Posts: 2,024
    I completed the survey, but you missed an opportunity by not asking if anyone was aware of anything (product or practice) that helped with arm pump.

    At the beginning of my mtb experience I had problems with my hands for several years, numbness, tingling etc. Eventually, I tried Ergon grips (specifically GP1). These spread the load across my palms. I have no idea whether these grips help with arm pump, but I rarely suffer from it. I later went on to have operations for Dupetreyn's Contracture, but despite that painful and debilitating condition, it never stopped me riding except during the recovery period. (If anyone else has DC, send me a PM, I have some great advice to give).

    Apart from the grips, another factor would be the angle of the grip as presented by the bar, so upsweep, backsweep, width of bar etc. I can see that this would alter the angle of the hand with respect to the forearm. Therefore the alignment of the muscles, ligaments and tendons would all be affected.

    I spent a lot of time on grip and bar set up to reduce problems for my hands and maybe I just got lucky with the arm pump problem.
  • JBAJBA Posts: 2,656
    Thank you for the introduction and explanation of why you have put the survey together.
    Good luck with it.
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  • webboowebboo Posts: 2,877
    I would have thought that rather than look for a product or surgery supplementary training added to your riding would be the way forward.
  • What's arm pump?
    I've had issues on and off this year with really sore hands/stiff tendons. No grip strength, and if I try to touch my finger tips to thumb tip one by one starting with the index it would get progressively more painful, and I couldn't even touch my pinky.
    No idea if it's anything to do with cycling, I'm not doing hundreds of miles a week, or DHing, did wonder if it were a kind of RSI things relating to shifting.
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