Opinions wanted on a legal case in NZ

I'm a cyclist in New Zealand and had one of my imported bicycles stolen.
I found it being sold at a the largest pawn shop chain in NZ and they illegally sold it before the police could get there.
After calling snd visiting them a few times they finally offered to replace my 2015 Bianchi Camaleonte 3 with a new equivalent, so I agreed as long as I could make sure that it was an equivalent. They didn't know the brand Bianchi and sold it for 145NZD (90USD), while selling Giant Escapes for 300, so it was clear to anyone that they didn't have the knowledge to chose a bike.
Anyways, they ignored my request and bought a Merida Speeder Limited (https://www.papanuicycles.co.nz/products/merida-speeder-limited-2020-model) and claim that it's even better because "it has a carbon fork and the 1×11 gearing system is better than my 3×9".
They claim that this has been confirmed by a bicycle expert and I'm starting to worry if it's that either I'm wrong, or that cyclists in NZ just don't share the same knowledge.
When I lived in Japan, it was quite understood that most value of Bianchi bikes were in the frame and it's design, but even if I accept how ugly the Merida is (since design preference is subjective), I feel like the bike isn't even close in terms of spec (typical cheap mixed up groupset).

I'm genuinely questioning my self if I'm the one wrong and would love to hear some other opinions (also if you work at a bike store etc. it would be great if you could help me out)

Thanks for reading.