Gwaenysgor & Road To Hell climb experiences?

Given the steepness (hits ~33% on Hillside?) of that Prestatyn climb, I think I'm set up to fail, as I've got use of only 17T sprocket and 24/38T chainrings... ~83Kg riding ~11Kg Voodoo and I might manage ~275W for 10mins in extra winter layers.

Road To Hell might be feasible with tomorrow's tailwind, seems all about getting up that ~17% section at ~2 miles (only a third of the way up) and not being a quivering wreck to grind up the final ~4.5 miles.

Anyone tried either?

2020 Voodoo Marasa
2017 Cube Attain GTC Pro Disc 2016
2016 Voodoo Wazoo


  • mbrig11
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    I have ridden both. Two completely different climbs. I don't know much about gearing but if you use those gears on steep hills regularly I can't see why either hill would trouble you. The worst thing about Prestatyn was the traffic. I was overtaken near the bottom then they had to stop for oncoming traffic. The road to hell isn't too bad really, you get lots of easy bits to recover.

    There is a hill due south of Prestatyn up to a mast that is worth a visit too. It was very steep for quite a while