Cross Chaining.

Hey all,

I recently got a new bike, a Cannondale CAADX 105 202. Ive only ever ridden mountain bikes before so this bike is a whole new learning curve to cycling.

Anyway the gear is Shimano 105, 11-34, 11-speed and a FSA Omega alloy, 46/36. Im finding that cross chaining is happening alot and im not sure if its just me or if there is abit of a setup problem here.

Essentially if the crank cog is in the biggest and im in the forth from largest cog on the cassette im getting cross chaining quite severely is this normal?

Any help or tips would be great thank you.


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    You can't get 'cross chaining' as such. Do you mean you are getting chain 'noise' from cross chaining? If so, then it's worth looking at the limit screws on your front mech for adjustment. Cross chaining, in itself, is not really an issue, although it obviously is if there is chain noise with it.

    Also, 'crank cog' = chain ring. Rear 'sprocket' is also more usual terminology, for future reference.
  • Thank you for the reply. Yes im getting noise as it rubs on the front derailleur. I'll have a look at tweaking the limit screws if thats likely to help.
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    lodgey_3 said: rubs on the front derailleur...

    Are you making use of the trim function? Push the front gear lever just a little bit, not enough to actually change gear, until you hear a click. This moves the front dérailleur in/out a little, to stop it rubbing when cross-chaining.

  • I learnt about the trim function on the front derailleur a few days ago and have been using it but it still did not stop the rubbing.
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    Front derailleur needs setting up correctly then. Download the dealer manual for your particular derailleur and follow the instructions to set the limit screws and cable tension correctly which should solve the problem (assuming your cable inner and outer are in good condition, which I assume they are if the bike is new). You may find it is under warranty and also the bike shop you bought it from will sort such issues a few weeks after purchase as everything settles in...