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If I want to send a private message to someone on twitter, do I need to (i) sign up with an account (ii) follow them (iii) send the message. If I do that, does the person receive an email, or would they only see it if they are logged in?

I'd like to contact someone, but they haven't posted on Twitter for over a year, and I am wondering whether it is worth the effort.


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    Don't use Twitter very often so will probably be corrected but l think the answers are:

    i) Yes
    ii) Yes (may depend on their privacy settings)
    iii) Will depend on their settings. They may get a notification to their phone from the app and possibly an email telling them they have a message.
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  • TheBigBean
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    Falls over at (iii). Not allowed to send messages. I guess there is a setting they have chosen to not receive messages. Email is a lot easier.
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    They usually need to follow you and have "allow messages" i believe.
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