Bonza Bike Box 2

Has anyone got any feedback on these?

They seem to be a decent price at the moment, particularly with the current money off codes.

I'm especially interested in anyone using one with a larger framed (i.e. 58cm or 60cm) road bike as a couple of reviews online mention them being a fairly snug fit.

Yes, yes, I know the Bike Box Alan is probably the one to get but they're a fair bit more expensive and funds aren't unlimited.


  • Hi

    I have one of these:

    Bargain at £198. I use mine with a 57cm frame and there is plenty of room around it so could easily see it coping with a 58 or 60cm one.

  • mrb123
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    The PBK one looks pretty much a straight replica of the Bonza. Just possibly a poorer type of plastic according to some reviews.

    Good to know there's plenty of room in them assuming the dimensions are the same.
  • I have the Pro Bike Kit version of this box which looks exactly the same.

    I can get my 2 XXL (62cm frame) Canyon Aeroad in it without any problems and I have used it 5 time to go as far as field as America, Tenerife, Mallorca, Inverness and Crete from Norfolk, England.
    It's got a few scrapes on it now (theres on that looks like its been dropped) but there has been no damage to the contents at all and all wheels and fasteners are still fine.