Cycle Touring South India: Rabies Jabs?

We are heading off to India in February on a CTC Holidays supported trip (Kerala and Tamil Nadu). We've had the recommended jabs, but rabies is suggested as one 'to consider' . It's a series of 3 jabs at £50/shot so I'm pretty reluctant as it only buys time anyway ... you would still need to get to medical facilities for further jabs in the event of a bite. What views do others have who have faced this decision? I'd rather spend some money on a second Dog Dazer (we have one already and they DO work).

Phil, in Inverurie


  • thistle_
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    I've been to Nepal (Not cycling) and it was a similar situation.
    I didn't have enough time for the full course so I didn't bother with it, I just stayed away from the stray dogs but I didn't enounter any aggressive ones where I was anyway.

    What's the medical support like on the trip? If you have a medic with you, and can call in a helicopter you're probably fine without it.

    Does a dog dazer work on a rabid dog?

    Edit: Just another thought - it's not just dogs that carry rabies, bats and monkeys do too. In tourist areas the monkeys can be quite tame and I was told not to hand them food as they'll bite (chuck it on the floor for them if you really want to feed them).