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Blue Run etiquette

When you're zipping down a blue run and get shouted at to slow down by some others then come across a family of beginners ... just wait.

You frightened my 4yo on the berms on his first run down of that section. Thank you. By the way, he now thinks you're very silly.

If you want to blast down - fine - but you don't have priority over anyone already on the trail.

Fortunately, we were able to show him that not everyone is like you and most were happy to wait a moment for us to clear the trail and quite a few gave him shouts of encouragement.


  • steve_sordysteve_sordy Posts: 2,034
    That etiquette is for all trails everywhere, not just blues.
  • Can't stand it when people think they "own" the trail just because they are quicker.

    I only have one trail near me which is a blue route, i like to hit this on certain days which are very busy - i know going in that their will be families and always take the time to slow down to their pace until they have spotted me, i let them take their time in moving over and out of the way.

    Then i do this really stupid thing which is saying Thankyou to them and say to them that i hope they enjoy the rest of their ride.

    One of the allures for me is that MTB is an inclusive sport but you still get the odd idiot no matter where you are or what you do.
  • slowbikeslowbike Posts: 8,496
    thanks guys - yes - I know it's just a couple of entitled idiots that taint it ....
    It's a popular place and the section we were caught on is (apparently) the best bit (flowing turns). We'll aim to get there early morning or after school now - avoiding those that should be on the golf course ... ;)

    btw - thanks for saying thank you - it makes a good impression to the youngsters at least.

    oh - and sorry for holding you up - I'm just too chicken to go any faster ;)
  • steve_sordysteve_sordy Posts: 2,034
    slowbike said:

    oh - and sorry for holding you up - I'm just too chicken to go any faster ;)

    Don't apologise, we've all been there!
    It may be a flowing gentle descent now that holds you up, but it will be a gnarly steep descent in a few years time. I've been on an mtb for 11 years and I still run out of bottle more times than I am comfortable with.
    By "bottle" I mean a combination of lack of skill and an awareness of what a lack of skill could do to me, but doing it anyway. If your mountain biking does not give you a scare now and again or cause you to question whether you have the bottle to do something, then you are not trying hard enough! :)

    I am not urging you to be suicidal or stupid, far from it. But be aware that once you have successfully ridden and obstacle, or done it faster than usual, you will ALWAYS wonder what took you so long or caused you so much self doubt. A few weeks later you will be dashing past it wondering what all the fuss had been about!

    I can 100% recommend that you attend a few skills courses. They can have a remarkable impact. :D
  • slowbikeslowbike Posts: 8,496
    cheers - I did a MTB coach weekend earlier this year - I'm "only" on a HT 29er - but even then, the bike is far more capable than I am.... I'm not a MTBer - I'm a roadie - but it's fun to get out off road with the family too :smiley:
    Like on the road - I've no interest in holding anyone up - but I'm not going to stop every 5 seconds either ... :wink:
  • The RookieThe Rookie Posts: 27,748
    As always the etiquette is simple, the faster rider is the one with the responsibility of staying behind and only passing when its safe (include the variables of safe when passing younger riders), someone slower has a obligation to let a faster rider past where its sensible and reasonable to do so, or make room if its not single track.

    If I catch someone and don't think its worth passing I just call out straight away to keep going, I don't want people diving into hedges or dead ends just for me to go 0.05mph faster than them!

    If they have younger riders or clear beginners with them I have no intention of either putting that person off or scaring them into falling off (which I've seen happen), we were all there at some point.

    Yeah if someone is pootling along and making no effort to let me pass when they could have easily I'll usually just call out 'behind', quite often it's simply that they are unaware.

    Behaving like a d1ck helps no-one.
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