Trek Emonda SL5 Disc emerald iris flip

So have been looking for a new ride to spank my hard earned bonus on.

I know I could have gotten Ultegra etc for the same cash but the paint scheme, That's adds at least 25 watts.

Props to the LBS I got it from as well as they gave me a load of 'podium points', With the points I added a really nice set of Bontrager R4 Classic tan walls in 28c plus some new Fizik shoes to replace my threadbare DHB's

Tyres to be swapped to the stock R1 28c's for winter , The R4's are really better suited to summer and at £50 a wheel not exactly a everyday tyre.

I like that Trek only use full groupsets so if its 105 then you get 105 cassette , chain etc - No corners are cut.

Full spec:

Trek Emonda SL5 Disc in emerald iris
Shimano 105 R7020 50/34 & 11-28
Bontrager Affinity TLR wheelset 12mm thru axles F/R
Bontrager R4 Classic tan wall 28c - These measure 30mm thanks to the wide wheelset)
90mm Bontrager blender stem

Thinking about adding a KMC gold chain , Think it will look really good against the green/purple paint ?




  • shortfall
    shortfall Posts: 3,288
    I agree the paint job is great and the tan walls look the bomb but that's where it ends for me. I'm not a fan of Treks and particularly the sloping top tubes. Discs don't do it for me either and I expect you'll get people telling you to flip your stem round and slam it. I don't necessarily agree with slamming stems for the sake of it because at the end of the day it has to be comfortable for you to ride, but there's no denying that aesthetics wise it looks better. FWIW my own stem isn't slammed.
  • shortfall
    shortfall Posts: 3,288
    Oh and those 105 hoods look absolutely mahoosive!
  • mr_eddy
    mr_eddy Posts: 830
    The camera angle makes the hoods look bigger than they actually are because I was shooting from below.

    I have since levelled off the bars and dropped 1 spacer after experimenting with different stacks so it's a little lower now but comfy.

    Looking forward to getting some bigger rides in when weather looks a bit dryer
  • drhaggis
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    Fark Ultegra! I mean, it's nice, but you can trickle-upgrade your 105, and the (ace) custom paint is there for good. Enjoy your ride!
  • clu
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    Like your new ride. The colour you've chosen does look good also. You've also made a sound choice about the groupset. 105 is fractionally just a little heavier than Ultegra but works just as good. Any parts over time that you need to replace will be cheaper.

    Same too also with the comment that shortfall made about slamming the stem. You need to feel comfortable and in the correct position when riding the bike, otherwise it might eventually deter you from wanting to ride due to an uncomfortable position.

    For myself though, I've gradually overtime been able to adjust the height of the bars on my bikes without any problems.
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  • fenix
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    Beautiful colour scheme.