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Any Project Managers Here ?


I'm looking to add a PM qualification to my repertoire, I've been an Operations Manager in a Production environment for numerous years and have been involved with/ ran some fairly large projects (multi million dollar factory ramps, tool installs, capacity increases etc) in the past, but have no qualifications in it.

I'm looking at either the PMI PMP/ CAPM or Prince 2. Can anybody recommend if one is accepted more than the other ?

I was originally looking at the PMP qualification, but doubt that I could cobble together the required 36 months of experience. Whilst I would have had much longer than this over the years my biggest project management exposure, which would have been around a straight 5 years of PM, would have been over 8 years ago. Since then I've done bits and pieces, but it wouldn't add up to 36 months.

Prince don't seem to insist on 'hands-on' experience and so was thinking of doing the Foundation and then possibly the Practitioner. Alternatively I could do the PMI CAPM.

Are there any PM's out there who could tell me if Prince is as well regarded as PMP ?


BTW - this will be self funded.


  • cruffcruff Posts: 1,518
    Yep. Technically a Programme Manager (IT Security) but have both Prince and PMP (as well as MSP).

    Key thing to remember here is that most places won't implement Prince or PMP 'properly' - almost everywhere you go, you'll encounter bits and pieces of either.

    Prince is still the industry standard in most places - you'll be better off doing that than you will PMP imo - but there isn't much difference really - the key thing most employers will be looking for is experience. Since you have that, but it isn't recent, I'd do Prince and make your CV look as 'Projecty' as possible.

    Don't worry that you haven't got a lot of full time PM experience - there are a lot of censored PMs out there and provided you're not one of those, you'll do better at interview than a lot of the PMs I've interviewed over the years 😂
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  • step83step83 Posts: 4,170
    Yup, Prince, PMP an if you can get ITIL as well, not directly linked but it looks good to chuck on too.
  • Thanks both, really appreciate the feedback.

    It'll be a production environment (medical devices/ pharma) rather than s/w, but as it looks like Prince is the preferred option I'll probably go for that. I have the Prince2 book in my shed, so will go and dig it out in a few minutes when I go for my turbo session.
  • Sorry, but what has this got to do with bikes?
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    nick_g said:

    Sorry, but what has this got to do with bikes?

    Good first post. This is the off topic part of the forum.

    The clue is in the description:

    The place for more serious off-topic questions, light-hearted banter and friendly chat

  • nick_g said:

    Sorry, but what has this got to do with bikes?

    Did you miss the bit where I said I'd go and find my Prince 2 project management book when I was in my shed on the turbo ?

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    Should I shave or wax?

    Any help would be appreciated.
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  • secretsamsecretsam Posts: 5,039
    I am not a PM but most of my PM colleagues have PRINCE2 as a minimum. I've done Prince, simply to tick it off the list, not terribly useful to my projects as I don't build bridges, I develop strategy!
    But the structure and process is useful, and employers expect it.
    Good luck.

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