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I need some advices.

Good afternoon ladies and gents!
Back in April 2018 I've finally decided to get a bike for short commuting and light shopping around my area. So my first bike was to be a second hand Carrera Subway 2 for £110, medium size. I liked it a lot at first. As my workplace got changed, I tried it to see if I can use it for c2w as well, as it appeared to be the most convenient means of transport at that time... That was a brave decision given the fact that I was totally unfit for 28m per day. Ooohhh my poor muscles! Then it was 26m for one month and 11m for another 2.
As I liked it more and more, after reading some long hours of web content, I've come to the conclusion that I need a new bike. The budget was stretched twice during my research, until I finally ordered a new Norco Search A Tiagra 2018 blue from Evans for £720.
It took me 20 mins of riding to get used to it. It has proved to be a decent bike to ride during this year until two days ago, when a silly driver was turning right through a traffic jam into a courtyard ignoring the fact that there is a busy bike lane next to it. He gave me a short but painful ride that scared me to death and cost me a half bent front wheel and a 10mm wide hole 40mm up the fork end.
We shook our hands and I left with a huge dilemma and £1200 in my bank account. I was looking to get a new Norco but they're out of stock. Then I spent some hours to find a new or used fork. Now that I see it's impossible to get Norco spare parts even on eBay, I'm not that keen to buy Norco anymore. I've spent the whole evening on searching for a new bike that would be an improvement over my smashed Norco. Here's what I see to be the best so far: but I've absolutely no experience in assembling bikes.
What would be the best decision to take? Should I dig more until I find a fork and keep the money for something else? How safe would it be if I'd just buy a new front wheel and use it as it is?
I feel like the best option would be to get a new bike (which one?!) and if possible a new wheel for Norco to be for the poor weather.
Thanks in advance for your advices!



  • g00seg00se Posts: 2,221
    Even though you have to pick the components of choice, I would expect the Dolan will be part built when it arrives. All you will have to do is straighten the handlebars and fit the wheels.

    With regards to the Norco fork, you can always use a fork from another manufacturer. If you're reluctant to have different branding, you can use a fork-specific supplier such as Columbus, Kinesis, Dedacciai, Tifosi... Finding a fork that will match the norco bearing sizes and rake could be involved - and fitting can be complicated (cutting down steerer tube etc) so that is something I would leave to a bike shop - both sourcing the right fork and fitting it.
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