How to get data from gym wattbike?

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I want to take training a bit more seriously this year. I have access to wattbikes (pro and trainer) at my local gym I want to use for high power tests instead of using my turbo.

I did some tests this morning but couldn't work out how to get the data from it.

I can use my phone to send a workout to it. However the phone app doesn't have the tests I want to do, (6 and 30 seconds) so need to use the head unit, then. After the tests they don't show up in history although the warmups I've done do, even if they did I can't see how to transfer the data across.

FWIW the "quick ride" sessions I started with my phone get saved to my phone and emailed to me.

Thanks in advance.



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    Good question and I hope you get an answer.

    My gym has Wattbikes and I have the app but can’t figure how to record my efforts.

    So much so I have migrated to the rowing machine for warm ups and use my trainer at home for cycling workouts.

    Waiting with my popcorn....
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    Thinking about it more, perhaps I can just used the wattbike hub app on my phone for everything and forget the "tests" on the head unit device. I'll run everything though golden cheeta so just need to time 6 & 30 seconds when I do my efforts.

    @shipley I wonder if they updated the app since you last tried as it was very easy. IIRC

    -turn phone bluetooth on
    -make account & log in to hub app on phone
    -pedal watt bike to turn on head unit
    -in the app press the little play button in the bottom right
    -pick "start quick ride" (the only option for me)
    -pick the correct watt bike (it was just random numbers so might be harder to find
    yours if there are lots of people using them)
    -press little play button in the middle/bottom of the screen with all the stats on it

    the watt bike tells you something like incoming workout, then you see all the data on your phone.

    After finishing I got an email about the workout I just did, I can click the link and see my account on the wattbike hub webpage, and looking now I can link the app direct to strava.
  • is also the question that I am in need of an answer for myself. Hope to have a convincing answer
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    @frankieh thanks mate for that. I’ll try it again.
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    Haven't used the wattbike at the gym for years, but when I did I used to just sync it with my Garmin and then put it in my back pocket. This was a few years ago, but it was pretty easy - only issue was if there were two wattbikes running at the same time there was no obvious way to make sure you were syncing with the one you were actually riding!
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    Each Wattbike has it’s own ID which is shown on it’s screen, just do a sensor search on your garmin or whatever device you use and it’ll pick them up
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  • You can also build workouts (I think, I just use the stock ones) in Zwift, then pair it on mobile to the Wattbike and run it as a smart turbo?
  • For the price of a Wattbike the head unit is shamefully useless. It hasn't even got a lap button for interval training. I know there is Wattbike app for phones but I use my Garmin. It records all the Watt bike data, I can get it to display exactly what I want, and then sync it with Garmin Connect when I get home.

    The only painful bit is whenever some else is on different bike, the Garmin wants to sync to that and it can fair bit of button pressing to ignore them and register my bike. I use a 520.
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