Cannondale CAADX Tiagra 2020 or Cube Cross Race 2020

Looking to get a new bike on my employers C2W scheme and have narrowed my choice to these two bikes. There were other more road focussed options, but I'm a sucker for as close to horizontal top tubes.

The question is, what to go for. The Cube is better specced, but the Cannondale has the looks going for it (in my subjective opinion).

Does anyone have experience with one or the other or both? Your thoughts welcome.


  • arlowood
    arlowood Posts: 2,561
    No direct experience of either. Agree that the Cannondale is a better looker than the Cube but the Cube is better specced with 11-speed 105 vs the 10-speed Tiagra on the Cannondale. The Cube also has TRP Spyres which are viewed as superior mechanical discs to the Tektro brakes fitted to the Cannondale.

    In reality there's not a lot to choose between them so pick the one you will feel best riding