Scicon Aerocomfort Road 3.0 real world use

Scicon have a flash sale for 40% off and I'm considering buying the Scicon Aerocomfort Road 3.0 TSA.

I've always favoured having a hard case, I like the BBA and rented one for a trip.

I currently have a box that I bought from chainreaction, that has served me well for £100, but it's starting to get a bit beat up.

Does anyone have any experience with the Aerocomfort Road case/bag? I've read the online reviews but would like to see what people think that actually own them.



  • I had the Road 2.0 a couple of years ago, very easy to pack your bike with very little disassembly required. Due to it being a soft bag obviously not as protective as a hard case, the brifters are quite exposed at the front of the bag, one of mine got twisted inwards on the bars on one trip, no lasting damage done but it wouldn’t have happened in a hard case. I found the case a bit top heavy and unstable when rolling the bag on anything but a flat and smooth surface. I got rid of it when I switched to a bike with through axles and Scicon refused to sell me the parts to allow me to continue to use the case, the only option they gave me was to buy a new case at the usual 40% discount . . . I now have a hard case.
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  • mrb123
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    Not sure if you've already seen but Probikekit have some models of the Aerocomfort 3.0 in various colours for 300 quid at the moment and then you can usually find voucher codes/cash back deals which will bring that down further still so would work out cheaper than buying direct from Scicon.
  • I've got one and really like it. Take wheels on and off and no allan key work required. Once packed with clothes the bag is well padded and don't need another piece of luggage.
  • You can protect the shifters by loosening the stem/handlebar clamp so the handle bar rotates downwards, and then place a cheap oversized handlebar over them to add protection. Or as I did buy a Buxum Box.
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    I have one. It’s probably bigger than the CRC one you have. The wheels are amazing turn 360 degrees which means it’s really easy to pull or push. You can still get your gear into the bag. The one small disappointment I have is that there are no internal pockets to insert any gear into which my old bag had, so your gear just sits at the bottom. Folds down smaller than my previous bag when not in use which is also good.