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Other half, bless, has just dropped and smashed my front light. Time for a new set. Thing is, I am an infrequent after dark cyclist, hardly ever. But given the time of year... I do have the front and rear be seen in daytime LEDs which I use as flashers though they do have a constant mode, but will need more output than that. I'm not urban so lighting for country roads, cycle paths, and similar.

Any recs for good value reasonably priced sets?


  • Another one of whatever has just been broken, assuming it was fit for what you needed.
    This will give you a spare mount.
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    Love my knog boomers: ... 36577623/p

    Best thing is that you don’t need a mount permanently attached to your bike. Just stick them in the jersey pocket when going out if you think you might need them. And they’re pretty bright.

    <edit - rereading your post - the boomers wouldn’t be bright enough to illuminate country roads, they’re an urban light more or less - but much brighter than some, very safe for being seen with>
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    Something like the Lezyne Zecto Drive set, Wiggle listing at £45?

    My old broken light was so old that doubt it is still made. Plus my (non paired) rear light is a bit too old school, will be happier with many more lumens behind me.

    Very infrequent night rider, cannot remember last time I was out in the dark, multiple years. But got a late back trip out coming up in a couple of weeks time, will definitely be dark on my way home early evening.
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    Planet x have some good deals and trek do a couple of front lights bontrager I think and the flare rear
  • I've had one of ... ycle-light for a few years, in suburbia I have to angle it down quite sharply due to the beam throw, would make a decent rural light.

    There's a newer model for same price at PX with Bluetooth for setting custom brightness levels.
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    Wow, 1200 lumen, that I like! That Lezyne Zecto is only 250l. My routes will be 95%+ unlit.