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Chainrings for Baordman ADV 8.8

mrfpbmrfpb Posts: 4,480
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I'm on the verge of buying the Boardamn ADV 8.8 via cycle to work. Lots of things to love for my very rough canalside commute, but it has a "Super Compact" 48/32 chainset, which I don't think I'll get on with. Despite being described as a Shimano Soar group, the chainset is " FSA Omega Adventure MegaExo 48/32"

I don't like the 16 tooth gap on a 50/34, so I think I'll like it less on a smaller chainset. I have 46/34 on my current Sora equipped bike (it does have a Sora chainset) I just replced the 50 with a 46. So I'm thinking could get a smaller interval on the ADV 8.8 by buying a 46 outer or 34 inner, (or both and run low winter/higher summer ratios)

However the only matching items online are for 10/11 speed.



But look the same as the pic on the Boardman product page.

So does anyone have any experience of swapping rings on this set?

To answer FAQs in advance:
I can only spend £750 on my bike to work scheme so can't buy the 8.9.
Halfords scheme so can't use Merlin, Wiggle, (Can use Ediburgh Co-op, Cycle Surgery, Ribble)
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