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105 v grx

staitukstaituk Posts: 37
edited October 2019 in Road buying advice
Hi i am looking to buy a new gravel bike , i currently have a specialized sirrus elite disc 2014, it is an 18 speed, i have seen two bike that i am thinking about both are 22 speed, one has Shimano 105 and the other has the GRX rx 400. just wondering which people would recommend.

Thanks for you help


  • mr_evilmr_evil Posts: 234
    The GRX rear mech has a clutch, which is quite nice to prevent the chain flapping around on rougher surfaces. It allows for a wider range of gearing too, if you need that. More expensive than 105 though.

    p.s. GRX 400 is 10 speed, not 11 speed.
  • staitukstaituk Posts: 37
    thanks, this is what is on the bike that i was looking at

    HPA, High Performance Aluminium, CUBE Nuroad Disc, Carbon
    Shimano GRX, 11-34T, 2x11
    Shimano GRX BR-RX400
    Shimano GRX, 46x30T
  • mr_evilmr_evil Posts: 234
    It must have an RX810 rear mech then, with just the brakes being RX400.

    I bought an RX812 rear mech myself, partly because I experience some chain-slap with a 105 rear mech on a bike with long chainstays. Bad enough to actually drop the chain a couple of times. The clutch definitely helps with that. Hopefully in the future that feature will "trickle down" to the lower groupsets, but for now you have to pay extra for it.
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