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Campagnolo Wheels with Shimano Groupset – Legit or Fashion Faux Pas?



  • Actually, for a while, I was riding Shimano shoes on Look pedals with Campagnolo Chorus and Fulcrum wheels. They are still today the most comfortable shoes I ever wore and I wore them until they literally fell apart. I broke that lovely bike and decided to go disc and got my first Shimano groupset, Ultegra and I managed to get some discounted Campagnolo disc wheels. Seemed OK to me, it felt good still having Campagnolo on the bike.

    My only regret was that version of the Ultegra groupset ..... what an absolute dog compared to my old Chorus. Slow single gear changes replaced the option of instant 1,2 or 3 changes and an absolutely abominable hood design which had never been designed for human hands. Cheap, but what a dog. Still riding it with Campagnolo wheels, but upgraded the dog groupset to Di2 which I am happy to say is comparable to Chorus.
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