Winter/ Commuter Bike

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Apologies for another new bike thread.

A toddler combined with moving/ renovating house has meant that I've been completely out of the loop and not been on here watching out for deals etc like I have in the past.

Current commuter has 105 hydro's, with one of the shifters needing to be replaced. As much as I like the hydro's I need something I can repair myself and that doesn't require selling a kidney to replace parts. Have been seriously put off by the fault my shifter has developed too. See thread - viewtopic.php?f=40004&t=13089841#p20585345

So looking for rim braked road bike with mud guard mounts and good tyre clearance. Thinking Tiagra and for as little as possible - I like a good deal!

Either full bikes or frameset as I can use some of the kit from my bike.