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New Commuter/all rounder ideas

lettingthedaysgobylettingthedaysgoby Posts: 1,682
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I've recently started a new job that brings everyday commuting by bike onto my radar. Obviously this is the perfect excuse for a new one 8)

I have a nice road bike for the quick club runs, and I have an old rattler for the pub. So, fancy something different and a bit fun that I can use everyday in comfort but could still use for days out exploring with the kids and so on.

My wish list:

Not carbon. Steel would the first preference, aluminium at a push.
Wide tyre capability, 650b maybe?
Lots of mounts - full mudguards essential, would be nice to also fit a rear rack and other bits to open up things like weekend backpacking trips and so on
Hydro disc brakes. Prefer Shimano to Sram.
Would be nice if it was a bit "different", something not seen that often, not one of the major brands, but that's just me trying to be a bit cool :roll:

I'm happy to buy frame only plus a box of bits and build myself.

So, any ideas? Budget is... variable. I'd rather spend a bit more and get "the one", rather than compromising. Around £2K ish?


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