Debugging power dropouts

CptKernow Posts: 467
I've just got a Cycleops H2. It has generally great reviews, but there were some mentions of power dropouts in older models but apparently this was all fixed.

Anyway, 4 weeks of light use I have experienced plenty of power dropouts on Zwift. Latest one was today - group ride - steady watts then I'm off the back of the group and having to flog myself to get back on...

I have the latest firmware and the turbo is running through a PC via ANT+
Looking at the Zwift file it is only the power from the H2 that drops - HR and cadence (from other devices), both also through ANT+ don't drop.

To me it seems pretty clear that it is a problem with the trainer. Any ideas for what other steps I should take before sending it back?


  • jgsi
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    If you have a normal headunit such as a Garmin, have you tested to see if that suffers same dropouts?
    Whenever ive used a Stages via PC into Zwift it was unworkeable , getting Stages to admit their fault with a low power ANT signal , yeah well.
    Experimented with BTLE?
  • CptKernow
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    JGSI wrote:
    If you have a normal headunit such as a Garmin, have you tested to see if that suffers same dropouts?
    Same thing just occurred to me.

    Just discovered as I bought from Halfords there is 28 day returns policy - which I think runs out tomorrow. Think I'm going to try and exchange / get a refund and see how I get on with a different unit.

    I just have a feeling that this being an intermittent (albeit nearly every ride) problem it could be a real PITA to get sorted...
  • Dorset_Boy
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    How far away is the Ant+ dongle from the trainer?
    Is the trainer connected to any other apps by bluetooth?
  • CptKernow
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    Zwift actually comes up with three options to connect the trainer for power. I read that the ANT+ FE-C was the one to go for. Seems to be an issue that has mostly come up with Wahoo trainers.

    Did a trial hour today and had no drop outs so don't know if it is fixed. Will have to see how it goes...