Latest Tiagra mechs - use with r7000 shifters?

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Just bought a giant contend sl2 disc (first new bike in ages!) and while I’m not rushing to swap parts out, I know at some point I’ll be thinking about upgrading some bits - probably the braking system first so I can get something that looks a bit more conventional than the conduct system. Question is, if I were to get some hydraulic 11-speed shifters, would the Tiagra mech still work or would I have to swap them too? I already have an 11-speed cassette.



  • I just had a quick look on the Shimano compatibility chart but it doesn't list using 11 speed shifters with anything other than 11 speed derailleurs, so it's not clear if they have the same throw ratio.

    For the RD4700 though I did notice there was a ST-RS405 shifter which is the hydraulic braked version of the Tiagra shifter....

    They would probably be cheaper than the R7000 hydraulic versions plus you would not have to go out and buy a new 11 speed cassette. Before you do that though (if the 105 derailleurs have the same shift throw ratio), you'd also need to check if the wheels on your 10 speed bike today would accept an 11 speed cassette.

    Hope this helps.....
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    Thanks. I’d been poking around to see if I could get any useful information about it. To be honest, I don’t like the shape of those (didn’t like the rs505 ledgers either) - proper 105 mech aren’t all that expensive anyway so if I ever go for it I’d probably change everything. Like I say, I don’t see any reason to rush into changing anything yet. The 4700 stuff seems pretty nice, I’ll see how the conduct system works
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    My understanding, although I haven't seen it confirmed, is that you can use 11 speed shifters with the 4700 tiagra derailleur and a ten speed cassette, you just have an extra click on the shifter.

    You won't need to replace the conduct though, it's a decent system, and 4700 is a decent group.

    Oh, and the question is somewhat moot anyway as Shimano have now released 4720 levers in the new shape to replace the old RS405 shifters.
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    Having only got the bike on Thursday night, I haven’t had a chance to ride it yet. Going to set it up this morning. First impressions are that it’s very good. Not /quite/ the same as full hydraulic but not far off. Certainly no feeling of the cable dragging like with HyRd or mechanical disks. I’m pretty sure that 4700 will be fine as this is a pure bad weather bike so I don’t ruin my Domane/Di2 set up!

    Interesting about the 4720 levers. That may be a good option if my bike tart OCD issues start playing up!
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    The rear shift ratio of 4700 is the same with 5800/6800/9000/7000/8000/9100, but different from 5700, which means you can use ST5800/7000 with RD4700 in a 11 speed system, but you can not use ST4700 to replace ST5700 which is also 10 speed.
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    Good so if I do decide to go for 11 speed I can reuse the mechs and save myself some money. Not that I’m in a rush to do that. The 4700 was excellent this morning as was the conduct braking system. So other than it’s ugliness, I really couldn’t fault it. What I was less impressed with was the wheel/tyre combination. Felt heavy and difficult to spin up any decent incline but that all irrelevant to the topic at hand.

    Thanks for all of the help, folks!