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cmorts1cmorts1 Posts: 3
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I am looking for a new 24" wheel bike for my son, but am stuck between 2 bikes which are both a good fit for him.
It's the Trek Roscoe 24 or Scott Scale 24 ridged, both seem good bikes. The Trek is more expensive, but weighs more, any advice o which is a better bike would be appreciated.


  • JBAJBA Posts: 2,852
    Can you post links to the bikes, please?
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  • steve_sordysteve_sordy Posts: 2,438
    Have you considered the Hoy Bonaly 24 disc @ £435? ... e-EV306434

    It is very light, and high quality too. You should have no difficulty selling it when your son has grown out of it.

    Before you buy, find out the weight of the bikes you are considering and work out the weight of the bike as a percentage of your son's weight. Then do the same for your bike and you. Imagine riding a bike all day that was as heavy to you as these bikes are to your son.

    Those massive 2.8" tyres on the Trek put me right off for a kid's bike. The rotating weight of those is immense, he will have to accelerate and brake those things multiple times a day. I don't even have 2.8" tyres on my emtb! The 2.4" tyres on the Scott are a bit better but my ordinary trail bike was only 2.2" tyres and it took an Enduro bike before I went to 2.4". Tyres that size are just not necessary.

    I just don't buy the whole "big tyres give stability for kids" and so forth. I believe it is marketing hype. My grandson rode his 24" Hoy Bonaly for 18 months from the age of seven. When he was eight, he could ride Cannock Chase red trail on it and he had little difficulty either, much to the chagrin of the adults he was chasing down.
    When I bought him a 26er, the Hoy Bonaly 24 went to his younger sister The Hoy sold recently for 2/3 of what I paid for it four years ago. It had rim brakes and Hoy still sell them as a cheaper alternative at £360.

    If you have already made your mind up that is the Scott or the Trek, then get the Scott. It is lighter, cheaper and has narrower tyres than the Rosco.
  • The RookieThe Rookie Posts: 27,811
    Pro rata with the rider+bike weight, kids should be on about 1.8" tyres max!
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