Tubular Tyres

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Hi folks,
Im looking for new tubular rims and tyres. Rim width (external) is 25m.
Can I fit on these wheels 23mm tubular tyres or not? :?:

Thanks for help


  • imposter2.0
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    Technically you can, but you may end up with a small 'step' between rim edge and tyre..
  • 964cup
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    It depends on how the tyre actually measures up. Different 23mm tyres actually come out anywhere between 22 and 25mm. Schwalbe Pro One, for instance, come up very large; Challenge Strada very small. Dry fit them and have a look.
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    Wow, if the rim is 25 m wide, how big's the bike? :-)
  • In my case I want to know, if is possible fitting 23mm tubular tyres to these two wheelsets:

    1 - Prime RR-50 Carbon Tubular Road Wheelset (for training) (Rim Width: 25mm)
    2 - Campagnolo Bora One 50 tubular wheels (for races) (Rim Width: 24,2mm)

    For both - recomendation is 25mm tubular tyres. If this is the only options, I will live with them.