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Inner tubes (stupid question)

jamiedaljamiedal Posts: 18
edited October 2019 in Road general
I have a cube cross race 2019 with Schwalbe X-One Allround, Kevlar, 33-622 Tyres, does anyone think the slime 28-32 inner tubes will still work? I know it’s probable a stupid question but thought I’d ask anyway.



  • lakesludditelakesluddite Posts: 1,328
    Well their own website has a version that is 28-35mm, but not sure if these are readily available here in the UK. ... 0796035138

    28-32mm may work, you'd be stretching the rubber a little but I suppose it depends on what pressure you want to use in the tyres. I suspect they would be fine, but might be worth trying to get hold of the 28-35 just in case.

    Having said that, if you look at Evans' website, the description is 28-32, but it clearly says on the pictured box 28-35! ... rs%20-%20()&wiz_term=*%20%2F%20Product%20type&gclid=CjwKCAjw5_DsBRBPEiwAIEDRW4r5I4q6F9MUlNa6DqzicTvWtYPfrsRNtTp-yPa2OZ1A3UkmnaAq-xoCZagQAvD_BwE
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