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Broken Spoke

gummomarxgummomarx Posts: 59
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I need to replace a broken spoke on the rear wheel of my Giant Escape 0. Please tell me which one I need to buy - the rim is Giant S-X2.

Also, I will need to remove the cassette first so I need advice on the tools for this.


  • cougiecougie Posts: 22,512
    Take it to the local bike shop so they can get the correct spoke for you. Get a couple so you can fix in future.

    You need a block removal tool and a chain whip and a spanner to hold the block removal tool.

    Oh and a spoke key to tension it.
  • I should have mentioned that the spoke kindly snapped at the connection to the hub - see pic I don't know if I've measured from the correct side of the J.

    Also I'm thinking of this set for the removal of the cassette:
  • The tool set will work.

    I would recommend a 'slightly' higher quality nut-thing, - preferably with a spike coming out the middle (helps hold it in place better) and one with an allen key hole rather than spanner fitting.

    Not game changing, but just makes life a bit easier ... ring-tool/
  • Great - thanks. Any thoughts on the spoke measurement?
  • defycomp2defycomp2 Posts: 252
    Just go to your local bike shop. Probably £10 labour + the spoke.
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  • cyclecliniccycleclinic Posts: 6,865
    Are there gouging Mark's on the spokes from the chain coming of into the wheel. If so replace all the marked spokes. If this is not the case then you have spoke fatigue. Replace the spoke but it's a temporary fix and more will go. Once a second spoke fail rebuild the wheels with new spokes or bin them. -wheel building and other stuff.
  • Got a few compatible spokes at a reputable shop. If more spokes go, I'd consider getting new wheels.
  • If one spoke has broken like that at the J-bend, others won't be far behind. It's usually a symptom of a wheel with inadequately tensioned spokes that weren't stress relieved during the build. Spokes break at that point because the tension is not high enough to stop them flexing at the bend as the wheel rotates.
  • Got a set from Amazon - worked out well although I had to get a muscle man to move the wrench. I managed to true the wheel with some nifty improvisation.

    Thanks everyone for your kind attention and knowledge.
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