Running Direct Mount rear mech on 'Standard' mount possible?

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Hi all, first post here, thanks for adding me. Noob to mountain biking and I recently bought a 2014 Trek X-Caliber 7. I've fairly quickly found some of its limits and want to upgrade the drivetrain to 1x11. The problem is I didn't know there were different standards for hangers now and I've bought a Shimano SLX M7000 rear derailleur which has 'Direct Mount' fit. The bike has the old 'Standard' hanger. Having read around a bit I'm now utterly confused and don't know how, or if it's possible, to attach the M7000. Thanks for any help.


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    Ah, wouldn't that be the way? One final google and I think I found it. If I've understood correctly, Direct Mount derailleur mechs have the extra 'B Link' which enables them to attach to Standard Mount hangers. But they attach to a Direct Mount hanger with the B Link taken off. I'll go and try it on the bike. Might not have time to finish today as I'll be replacing the shifter and cable but I'll report back.

    Here's the page that explains it
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    @PauLeigh Good find! :D
  • Thanks Steve, yes, a useful resource. Well that worked OK, the rear mech is on and adjusted and seems fine.