Advice on buying a second hand mountain bike

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Unfortunately my 2001 Orange Evo2 ltd ed has (after 15 years) developed a crack in the rear stay that goes halfway round the stay so I don't think it's safe to ride. The timing isn't great as I don't have enough money for a new bike (I'd want to get a decent mountain bike so would prob spend £1k plus if I could eg nukeproof scout). In a second hand shop, I've seen a chris boardman team bike (not sure of the year) for £330.
What drew me to it is that it has Fox talas 32 forks and a fox rear shock. From what I could see it also has SRAM X7 2x10 setup, FSA headset, and a giant stem. It has 26" wheels which matches my Orange bike so I can use my existing ice tires in the winter.
It looks in fairly good condition in a gunmetal grey and the shop said it's been checked over by a mechanic. I was shocked to see a bike that low in price with fox front and rear shocks (as bikes normally in that price range have cheaper suntour or rockshox forks). Do you think it's worth a shot? I had been looking at using a bike to work scheme but that would obviously cost more but it would get me a new bike with maybe more up to date tech (but I would end up with standard rockshox rather than fox).


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    Check the suspension as best you can. They cost £100 just for a service, plus any replacement parts. And that is EACH!

    Here is the service price list from the UK agent for Fox, Silverfish. ... price-list

    You have to remove the fork and shock and post to them. I haven't checked but the price may include return postage.

    Also check TF Tuned. They are not the official Fox agent but they service all forks and are very good. They may even be cheaper.
  • Why not just buy a replacement frame and fit your old parts to it? You can still get 26" mountain bike frames new and of course there are many available secondhand ebay etc. If your frame is heavily fatigued I wouldn't consider repair myself as the next crack may happen very soon. I would write off your existing frame at this point. I'd still attempt to sell it with a fair description because others may be willing to go down the repair route but I personally wouldn't.