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Biking Barn - Anyone used them?

wotnoshoesehwotnoshoeseh Posts: 524
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I was looking for a specific part and the only place I can see it available is at a store called Biking Barn.

I'm just wondering has anyone used, and what's the feedback like?

Thanks a lot,


  • navrig2navrig2 Posts: 1,702
    I haven't used them but looking at the their website there is some good points and some not so good points.

    They publish a returns policy and provide proper contact details - address and telephone number.

    The downside is the address is a residential address, this can be confirmed using Google Streetview and the telephone number is a mobile.

    This would suggest to me that the "retailer" is buying to order and may not hold much, if any, stock. Delivery times may be longer and you may find that some items are not confirmed as unavailable until after you have ordered.

    The header states - "Partner to The Bike Shop Wales" which tends to back up the above. In which case why not just order direct from the Bike Shop Wales?
  • navrig2navrig2 Posts: 1,702
    The Bike Shop Wales addresses also looks to be residential.
  • Cheers for the investigation work.

    I also saw the same parts available from them through eBay. I think maybe a phone call is in order to check they have the parts.
  • OK. I ordered the part on Monday - called them on Tuesday after my post above. The chap told me the part would be posted out 1st class (I paid the extra 50p when ordering), and the part was delivered today (Wednesday).

    Seems a decent service to me.
  • Yeah, I used them a couple of weeks ago for some Mavic parts (spokes, axle and pawls) as they have a large range, and prices competitive The guy I spoked to was helpful, confirmed the parts I needed, and sent later that day. will use them again. all good.
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