Help building my orange bike.

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Ok so I've posted quite a few times and not got many results so here goes nothing, please ask any questions or help.

I had this bike stolen in March.

It was the best bike I've ever rode and am now trying to build a similar ride. I felt like I could do anything and so confident.

Parts of the above pic:
14inch Orange Msisle
24inch halo wheels qr drop out
Sunstor forks
Cane creek 1/8th headset
Acor handle bars
Acor stem
Deity 2009 vendetta cranks
Hope mini M3 rear break

Ok so I now have a 16inch frame
A set of halo 24inch wheels

I have around 200 a month to spend and am looking to buy parts. I have seen the deity termite crank on sale?

Can anyone recommend parts for me?

Anyone know the sizes for the Msisle? Orange where not that helpful saying the bike predated there catalog


  • Ok so I know my post isn't written greatly. I have dyslexia so please ask me to clarify.

    Starting from top to bottom as I've a lot of questions.
    Previous build in pic above.
    Handle bars:Alloy MTB Mountain Bike handlebar Handlebars Black White 680mm 25.4mm / 31.8mm
    Stem(Acor rise and size unknown)

    I know that the rise and length of handle bar can effect the handling. I know the shorter the stem = better steering?

    Q. What size do I require for my Msisle?

    Headset Cane Creek A Head 1/8th this what I need? What are the correct sizes I need to buy? Do I need spacers?
    Would this work? ... 1976718184

    Hope mini M3 rear break

    Q. when replacing breaks will I need specific rotor s to?

    forks (I have a set)

    Wheels (I have a set of halo SOS qr drop out)

    Deity vendetta 2009

    I can not find anywhere. I know my BB is 170? Tapered? I'm wanting to get the same and create a single speed bike.what do I need?

    Q. I've seen a deity termite 28t?

    I'm totally stuck at this point and need help finding cranks BB and understand of size/fit for my bike.

    I hope this helps.
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    A shorter stem makes steering faster, that may or may not be better.

    What size do you need? The right one that suites YOU

    ebay link is broken as you've copied and pasted a truncated link.

    You don't need specific discs for your BRAKES.

    I don't think you know your BB is 170, 170 is a crank length and unrelated to the BB. The Deity cranks must use the specific Deity bottom bracket for your frame. ... -2009.html
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