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Which Garmin watch Fenix 6 pro Vs FR945

andyh01andyh01 Posts: 571
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I'm after a multi sport watch. I mostly run, doing my first 1/2 marathon next week and club run twice a week and cycle with club at least once a week and a few solo 50k a week. I currently have an Edge 500 and chest strap (no Speedo or cadence sensors yet and no power metre plans yet)
I'm interested in the training loads/effects as well as pacing etc.
I think I've narrowed it down to the two and seems the "new features" will be available 9n the FR945 so really just seems to be the display graphics are better 9n the fenix6?

Which watch be best is the Fenix 6 worth it or is the FR945 still current? Is
the sapphire better - I am clumsy and probably scratch the face at some point.

Any help appreciated


  • Look up DC Rainmakers reviews, they're quite thorough and you will be able to make a decision.

    Personally, I have the Fenix 6 Pro Sapphire, after having the 5 plus. I like it a lot and never considered any other Garmin watch. I use it in conjunction with an Edge 530 on the bike.

    I like the Sapphire because I do a lot of MTB'ing too and it gets a fair amount of abuse from bushes etc along the trails - not a scratch on the Titanium bezel or Sapphire screen yet.
  • andyh01andyh01 Posts: 571
    Yes looked at dc rainmaker.
    The range is quite confusing.
    Is the 6 pro worth it over the 5x on sale at £300?
    I read the "new" features will soon be available on the FR945 via firmware updates. Again if that's case is the 6 worth the extra? Although not as good deals on the fr945 compared to the Fenix 5.
    Also is the 6 likely to drop in price nearer Xmas
  • daver1daver1 Posts: 78
    The FR945 is still current and does everything that most people could want. If you're concerned about scratching it and want a better looking watch get a Fenix but you need a Fenix Sapphire - the base pro model doesn't have a Sapphire Glass face.

    There are unlikely to be any significant discounts on the Fenix 6 before Christmas as it's so new that some shops still haven't received stock yet.

    The ranges for the 5 and 6 are confusing and you need to look at the specific models that you're considering to get a sensible comparison.

    If you're not bothered about a metal case and sapphire glass go for the 945. If you want the sapphire face go for a Fenix, in which case go for the 6 if you're a data geek or want any of the specific features that the 6 has that the 5 doesn't have (maps, pulse oximeter etc but these will vary depending on which specific models you're looking at) or go for a 5 if you don't need the newest model and latest features.
  • cougiecougie Posts: 22,512
    I've had the fenix3 for 4 years now. I use the face protector rather than the sapphire model and it's as good as new. Great for trekking too. I use mine for running cycling and swimming.
  • stueysstueys Posts: 1,332
    They are pretty much the same watch, for running Id go 945 as it’s a fair bit lighter when you’re wearing it.
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