Newbie bought Kickr Snap - Is it compatible with this bike?!

jmods34 Posts: 18
I bought a secondhand kickr snap and tomorrow I am buying a GT Grade Claris Cyclocross bike. I want to know whether it's compatible with the trainer, can I just mount it and GO?!

Or do I need to use the skewer or mess round etc?

This is the bike: ... reHwrEFXcY

Finally, can I test out the secondhand trainer using the clyclocross - it doesn't have slick tires......before I get a specific trainer tire? Or will it 'break' the tire or the trainer because it's not a slick tire?



  • whyamihere
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    The bike appears to use standard quick release hubs, so you're pretty much good to go. You'll need to use the skewer which came with the Kickr as it will allow the bike to be clamped properly. You can use this skewer outdoors as well though, there's no need to switch them every time.

    Using knobbly tyres won't break the trainer, but it will be incredibly loud and ruin the tyre very quickly.
  • I can't get the back tyre off to swap the skewer!

    I think they tightened the quick realease so much I can't snap it open to untighten it!


    Also if there is a video somewhere on how to swap and actually mount the bike on to the Kickr snap....I can't see how the skewer fits on to the snap?>
  • I would really appreciate a video or some images of how the bike is mounted, especially the side with the quick release as I cant see how its supposed to fit with the quick release lever.....
  • chris_bass
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    are you able to upload a picture of your actual bike?

    some disc wheels have through axle skewers that screw on (i'm probably butchering the terminology here!) i think (i don't have disc wheels myself - sorry) - a site for sore eyes
  • cougie
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    Can you put a piece of metal tubing over the QR lever to give yourself some leverage ?

    Have a look in the shed for some garden implements that might have suitable handles.