Help!!! Bleeding Tiagra Disc Brakes

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Hi all. I need help with the above!! I normally Google and YouTube for mechanical stuff but the YouTube doesn't seem to have tiagra road discs (forgive me if I've not searched hard enough..).

YouTube shows other shimano road discs and they peel back the casing and there is the screw to open the reservoir. The tiagra seems much more complicated..

There is a plate you unscrew and there are some star bolts I've removed with a t9 wrench. This then is slightly looser but I will have to force it off. I don't want to break it as it doesn't look like it is just held by the bolts. I'm at a loss as what to do!

Am I missing something simple? I've got pics but being a luddite I can't work out how to upload..

Please help. Thanks in advance..