Quarq Dzero BB30 into BB386

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Hello All,

I currently have the above power meter on a 2017 S Works Tarmac. I'm soon to be receiving a new 2020 Orbea Orca OMX that has a BB386 bottom bracket. I've read some info online that says this meter isn't compatible with the BB386.

I've asked on Weight Weenies but thought it was also worth a shot here.

Many thanks
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    There's two types. If you have the one that specifies it isn't compatible with BB386, then it isn't compatible. The second type for BB30 will state that it is compatible. Don't ask me why, but Quarq/SRAM are adamant about it.
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  • Cheers, it appears that the Carbon version is ok with BB386 but the alloy version not. I have the alloy version...

    I'll check the box and instructions..
    Orbea Orca OMX DI2 MyO
    Kinesis 4s Di2
  • For future reference, i contacted Quarq who confirmed it is ok to be fitted into a BB386.
    Orbea Orca OMX DI2 MyO
    Kinesis 4s Di2