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Planet X cycling glasses

hadokenhadoken Posts: 29
edited September 2019 in Road buying advice

Anyone on here bought cycling glasses from Planet X? Specifically the ones with the prescription inserts, just wondered what the quality is like?
Can't find any reviews anywhere, i know the inserts were a recent thing, just wondered if anyone has got a pair?


  • Following this.
  • Cant speak about the prescription ones but I have 3 Carnac glasses from the photochromic to the Blue and red Equipe evos.

    Very comfortable. Clear and do the job. Look great too. Makes you question the point of £200 glasses etc for cycling
  • I have about half a dozen pairs of various Carnac glasses. They’re great.
  • I've got a pair of photochromic glasses from Planet X... they are poor quality and dig into my head quite badly, so after an hour you just want to throw them away

    Like everything from Planet X, they are censored
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