Fizik Antares, Arione, Gobi XM and Selle San Marco saddles

Fizik Antares VS EVO R1 carbon braided saddle (large), boxed as new, lightly ridden: £80.00 posted.

Fizik Antares R5 (regular): excellent condition, only slight marks to paint on rails: £40.00 posted.

Fizik Arione wingflex: boxed, excellent condition, no damage scuffs etc: £40.00 posted

Selle Rolls San Marco honey, slight scuff to rear, £35.00 posted.

Fizik Gobi XM white, well used but no tears, damage or scuffs, just a bit faded and finish cracking a bit £20.00 posted
E-mail: for further info. pics etc, Cheers!

Link to photos below: ... 1011522186


  • Open to offers.......treat yourself!
  • Hi... is that the ordinary Arione ...I am using a R7 Arione and not getting along with it
    If it a standard Arione I will offer £35 and see how that goes..

    Larry Murphy
  • PM'd this morning. Let me know if you did not get it. Thanks
  • Sorry Larry, nuts250 contacted me a couple or hours prior to yourself so sold I'm afraid. All the others are still available.
  • Hi Simon, I'm confused. You messaged me accepting my offer for the Arione and giving me your paypal address and telling me you will put it in the post to arrive Friday. This follows my offer sent mid morning.
  • Hi Simon, apoligies, ignore my message above. I misread it, al half asleep. I have PMd you and sent paypal payment for the Arione. Cheers Mark
  • No worries Mark, money received thanks. Will post Friday and confirm when I've done so. Now get yourself off to bed......
  • Would you take £15 posted for the gobi?
  • Glanders meet me halfway at £17.50 and you have a deal. Paypal 'gift' if that's agreeable with you to the e-mail above and I'll post it tomorrow.

    The Antares VS Evo is now sold.
  • Would you do the Antares R5 for £30 posted?
  • Thanks, that sounds fair enough. I'll ping the money across and stick my address etc in the comments section.
  • Funds received thanks glanders, will post it in the next hour or so along with the others.
  • Craigus89 meet me halfway at £35.00 and you have a deal. Paypal 'gift' if that's agreeable with you to the e-mail above please.
  • Gobi received with thanks!
  • nuts250
    nuts250 Posts: 68
    Arione received. Good comms, quick posting. Good guy.