Need some help please! Complete Beginner!

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Not sure if should post here or in beginner forum. I weigh 85 and I am 181 cm tall - ideal weight is 72 which is what Im aiming for.

I want to try to improve my fitness, I am currently doing some running and have gone to a cycle lane at the weekend a couple of times. I would like to train for a mini triathlon.

Anyways, I want to get a road bike or a cyclocross that I can use mostly in doors on a trainer and then at the weekends at this cycle track. I live in a city here traffic and pollution are terrible so don't think I will be commuting with it although that might be cool too.

I can not go to bike shops as the bikes are waaaaay tooo expensive! I have checked Decathlon and can probably afford the triban 100 - My max budget is 300 eur MAX. I am desperate now and just want to get something, Im a complete beginner so need to make a decision. If I like the sport and take it seriously then I can buy a better bike later.

I have checked on FB Market place and have found some options, again no idea if any are good:

Been offered 2 bikes:
FUJI SE Medium size - 290 eur


FUJI BARRACUDA 105 groupset - M Size 52 - 330 eur

Would any of those fit me? Any better than the other? For absolute beginner?

I have found the following on facebook market place:

Which one looks better and what should I check for when/if I go and seem them. COMPLETE NOVICE -

Here is 1: Masi Inizio 56 size

Says condition is 70% and the right size....I asked if there was anything wrong and he said no but that it hadn't been used in a long time and he would have to check it out and he would get back to me. This one is cheaper.

Here is 2: Specialized E5 - Claris Drive 8 gear. Size 56
Says its in good condition and wants to buy another bike so selling. This one is more expensive.

So out of those two, which are in my budget.....which one would you go for. Also what should I look out for when I go and see them??

More options......More expensive.......

Giant OCR-3

And this new bike cyclocross:

gt grade claris cyclocross.

I just want to go out and buy one now, my head is going to explode from looking at so many options......remember Im jut a beginner! Please help me make a decision on best way and least option that I am going to regret.