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Bossnut shipping from the UK

BogtiraBogtira Posts: 6
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I have a problem that I’m hoping someone might have a solution for ...
I’d like to get a Calibre Bossnut and have it shipped to Sweden. Unfortunately Calibre-owner Go Outdoors have quit delivering outside the UK and they have no plans to resume the service. Both Wiggle and Chain Reaction seem to have a completely different take on international sales and ship for free when you purchase for more than 200 GBP.
Can any of you guys come up with a handy solution to my problem? The bike needs to be shipped to Sweden as safely and cheaply as possible. Speed is less important.
From the outside it seems a bit weird that Go Outdoors have decided to kill their international sales, especially since the Bossnut practically sells itself thanks to raving reviews :(
Cheers from Sweden


  • A bit left field...
    Gothenburg to Immingham ferry. Pick bike up in England and return.
    Sensible or not?
    You may have to move fast...Oct 31st approaches.
  • Yeah, I guessed that might be the reason.
    A sad day for us viking anglophiles :(
    I was on my way to London in October, but it got postponed. Is there anything like the MyUS repackaging service that you know about?
    PS: I live 350 km north of Stockholm so it’s tricky to just hop on the ferry. Thanks though!
  • Parcelforce will collect in the UK and ship internationally, complete with a tracking service. Extra insurance is available for a fee.

    All you need is the postcode and address of the collection point, and home or work delivery address. The above link will allow you to get a quote as well as make the order.
    Someone must be there at both ends, so therefore you need to have this arranged at the collection point. You will need to decide which Go Outdoors shop you will be using and arrange in advance that someone will deal with the parcel at their end. They may have to print off a label and stick it on the box and also obscure any existing bar codes and addresses. You will need a phone number for the shop as well to quote on the Parcelforce order. You will need to know the dimensions and weight of the parcel.

    The bike must be suitably packed for international delivery, but as it has probably already come from Thailand or South Korea, it will probably be OK.

    If Go Outdoors refuse to participate, then your only options are either collect it yourself or to get a friend to do it for you. best of luck! :)
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