Mayans MC - BBC TV show

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This is official.

I do qualify as being the potential audience for an utterly moronic tv series but this takes the fing biscuit. It is incomprehensible, pointless and random with a plot fulfilled by actors who have faces that look like rectums.

Maybe it is designed to dissuade peeps from being involved in either drugs, motorcycle gangs or acting on tv.

...when I said that their faces look like rectums you have to understand that, obviously, I don't look at rectums that often.


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    Isn't there already a TV review thread?
    Also it's difficult to see a rectum without an endoscope.
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    Sons of Anarchy...... time in my life I cannot reclaim. Even Pearl Ronman was awful. Only decent thing about whole series was theme tune. And don't get me started on the ending.
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