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Replacing Shimano FD-M330 with FD-M610?

pileykpileyk Posts: 7
edited October 2019 in MTB workshop & tech
Hello everyone. I need to replace my old Acera Top Swing Bottom Pull front mech which is bent out of shape and want to replace with something for optimum shifting.

My chainrings are 42/32/22 with a 69° chainstay angle with 8 spd chain/rear cassette. I have seen three options a FD-M567 (90s model), a FD-M310 and a FD-M610.

They all cost a similar amount but the M610 '10 speed' only has an 18t capacity instead of the 20t difference between top and little rings, while the M310 isn't specifically for 42t top ring but "42-48t" so both don't match exactly what I've got. The FD-M567 seems to correlate however its old 90s new old stock so a DeoreLX from that era is probably worse than these modern options right?

I'm learning towards the M610 being a newish Deore model but is the 18t capacity a problem?

Which would you pick?? Thanks :D


  • 10 speed chain skinnier so M610 will likely be a bad fit. Dont worry about getting a deore model they were based around 9 speed for years and will be a bad fitm the m310 acera is good and often branded under altus(better than acera). Its really surprising how well a new front derailleur shifts once youve got the tune right so dont worry about it.

    I'd recommend hanger alignment if you're front mech is warped that will really let you get your shifting smooth and would still do it on a new hanger.
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