Chepstow to Bristol centre

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hi all, so is tart my new job in the cent of Bristol at the end of the month. looking at various routes for commuting but can't decide what would be the best rout to get me to the bottom of old market. does anyone commute or regularly ride from Chepstow to Bristol centre that could give some advice?



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    Leave the bike 2 miles away from either of the bridges and turn the commute into a triathlon, swim down the Wye and across the Severn, run to the bike and ride into Bristol :lol:

    Obvious start is to cross the river on the old bridge then you can climb upto A38 through Olveston and Tockington and Fernhill and down A38 into Bristol or use A403, Northwick, Pilning, Easter Compton, Cribbs Causeway, Westbury. You're looking at 15 miles max trip and you will need decent lights as very little of the roads near the bridge have street lights and steer clear of A403 as much as possible as it's the main drag to the first bridge for HGVs and although there is a SUP beside it you'll have traffic coming towards you with the headlights pointing straight at you.
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  • awesome, I'll dig out my swimming trunks and goggles! haha

    thanks, I'll have a look and do a practice run before I start.