Modding SPD pedal/cleats to get more float?

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Hi everyone,

Just a curiosity more than anything really. Has anyone managed to mod their SPD (Mountain bike, not -SL road) pedals or cleats in order to get more float when clipped in? I've considered switching to a new pedal system like CB or Time but it seems like CB's aren't able to be adjusted to clip out with less effort (Unless using their 'easy release' cleats which have less float than their standard), and while some Time ATAC pedals have adjustment options for release tension this is only on their higher-end models.

So being budget-conscious (ie. a cheapskate) and already owning SPD pedals and a couple of pairs of cleats (Both multi and single release), but wanting to explore a more floaty setup, while at the same time keeping a super low release tension, I'm wondering if I could just take a file to the cleats and make them more pointy, so I can twist further before hitting the release?

Has anyone managed this? If so what part of the cleat exactly did you file down? How much extra did you get?



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    I just lazy'ed my way out of this problem and bought a pair of the Click'R Trekker T400 pedals.

    Not particularly helpful, but you might be able to get some click'r parts to fit onto yours?
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