Replacement for RS785 caliper?

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Hi. I'm having a leak from my RS785 caliper. They are fairly new, only used a few times :roll:

From what I'm reading this is a common problem with the RS785s, some say Shimano calipers in general so I'm thinking of replacing them to make life simpler.

Can anyone suggest an alternative please? Needs to be post mount and compatible with R7020 shifters.

Thanks in advance :)


  • pilot_pete
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    I’ve had RS785 callipers on a bike since 2016, never had a leak of any sort.

    Retrofitted my winter bike with 105 7020 last winter and fitted Deore post mount callipers. However, you could fit the flat mount callipers with an adapter which is now available from The Deore’s work fine. There is a Shimano compatibility chart which demonstrates what brake components will work with each other.

  • redvee
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    I've got R7020 levers but with M8000 postmount callipers which work very well. I had to buy new BH90 hoses to suit the callipers cause they had banjo bolts for the hoses. Want to do the same on the commute bike but can't quite justify the cost at the moment.
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  • Great stuff, thanks guys :)
  • frisbee
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    Mine leaked but they had a few years of hard commuting. I replaced them with the same calipers, they turn up cheap on Amazon sometimes.

    Mine had no visible leaks, the brakes just got bad, you could sand them down and bed them back in or replace them, they would work for one ride and then be crap the next day. If you can see a leak then you might have a different problem.