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Brake disc fins stuck in brake

barongreenbackbarongreenback Posts: 244
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Evening all and happy Friday to you

I’ve just swapped a pair of wheels onto my winter bike. The original wheels came with fairly bog standard 6 bolt discs on the wheels. The other ones have Shimano centrelock discs, same size (140mm) but with the ridged cooling fins. These are far up enough to get stuck in the slot for the disc brake. Am I missing anything completely stupid here? Or do I need to buy new discs/spacer/something else? Thanks.

Edited to add if it’s relevant. New wheels were on a bike with flat mount brakes (RS785) and have been moved onto an old cannondale with post mount cable pull crappy disc brakes. Future project will be to upgrade to hydraulic and turn it into more of a gravel bike.


  • Very odd. Have you tried some washers to move the caliper up a bit. -wheel building and other stuff.
  • Very odd. Have you tried some washers to move the caliper up a bit.

    Thanks - I think that’s my best bet or getting a six bolt to centrelock converter for the old discs. I think the bike has been set up so that the discs are quite deep into the calliper. My guess is that it didn’t matter when the bike was built but there should have been a spacer in there.

    PS got any tips on removing stubborn end caps without trashing them or buying the park tool? Thanks :)
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