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Scott Scale - Syncros (DT Swiss) wheel - loose adapter

daveaasmithdaveaasmith Posts: 223
edited September 2019 in MTB workshop & tech
Anyone with experience of loose adaptors (15mm) on front wheel of DT Swiss 350 (I think) hubs?

I have Syncros XR2.5 wheels on my Scott Scale 720 (2015) and the adaptors sit loose at each end of the front hub. No evidence that they’ve worn, they are just loose. Clamped up tight in the fork there’s no movement apart from when brake on and rocking back:forth. It’s definitely due to the play in the end caps.

Bike is new to me, but not new, so I haven’t got history whether it’s always been like this, but this and other forums it’s been raised without any conclusion.

Braking is fine and everything else seems solid so I may just ignore it, but keen to hear any suggestions!

I’ll add a link to a quick video clip shortly...

Cheers, TIA, Dave.


  • Hilariously when trying to take a video I noticed the centrelock rotor wasn’t tight enough - nipped it up and the wobble is gone.

    Almighty :FACEPALM: thank you for listening. Goodbye!!!
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